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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Qiandeng is one of the picturesque water-towns of Suzhou, 

a small one that we seldom have visited. 

Eugenia, our National Tour Guide has recently been there and 

she has outlined an interesting plan for our Wednesday outing.

Old but full of vitality, this beautiful town still preserves 

the chessboard layout of water-and-land traffic network

and street-and-river architectural style. 

Small bridges, flowing waters and households give expression 

to the unsophisticated folk customs and cultures in Qiandeng.


Full-day outing starts 9:00 am ending about 4 pm at Singa Plaza Starbucks Cafe

Cost (incl. bus, entrance fees, lunch, etc.) is 280 rmb/person (min. 15 people). 

Our Tour Guide Eugenia Xu will join us all the way.  

Sign-up with Raija, , 

give your name, e-mail and mobile number latest by April 12 

(no money refund, if cancelled after).

Your relatives or friends visiting Suzhou are also very welcome to join TaiTai activities.



Experience the beautiful water view, ancient bridges, small river, and old houses located along the very special slab stone street.

Explore some scenic spots:

-        an ancient pawnshop

-        Buddhist temple with a beautiful declining jade Buddha, the largest in the world; and a giant wooden Buddha statue.

For those who like to see more proofs of history of technology in China

-        an abacus exhibition

-        a light/lantern exhibition from thousands of years ago till today

-        a Kun stone show, one of the four ancient stones, a kind of special stone produced only in Kunshan 

On our way to Suzhou we will stop for a most charming Flower Exhibition.

And as always - sometimes in between all these activities we shall of course have a break 

for a delicious Qiandeng Cuisine Lunch in a local restaurant.


For more details about Qiandeng, visit


IMPORTANT – Due to Traffic we may not return to Suzhou in time to meet the school bus 

so you must make alternative childcare arrangements for the day.


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